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Vishal Narkar

"An authoritative and convincing dramatic actor who can pull off comedic scenes from the silly to the sarcastic."

 Vishal Narkar is a SAG (E) actor who worked in multiple short films created by students at USC, New York Film Academy and Chapman University. He recently performed in “The Con”, an ABC TV series, and has also worked with famous directors one of which was Gil Bettman in diverse scene studies. Vishal likes to experiment with different genres and push himself. His dramatic comedic roles are where he excels.

Vishal has been working in the business and technology sectors. He rediscovered his love for the Performing Arts while working in the tech sector in Seattle. At first, Vishal began his acting career in theatre, to which he dedicated ten years. Later, he moved to Los Angeles to pursue his passion for acting in the film and television industries. Vishal began teaching himself the acting methods used by Michael Chekhov after being inspired by his work. During his one-year break from his MBA studies at UCI in 2021, Vishal learned about the Actor's Studio of Orange County and since, grew artistically from beginner's level to the most advanced. 

In addition to Vishal's work in independent and student films, he has done voiceover. He is always enthusiastically auditions for new roles.

Vishal is fluent in English, Hindi, Marathi, Gujarati, Punjabi, and Urdu, as well as American, Indian, Middle Eastern, and Mexican dialects. | (901) 921-9812 

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