We want to inform and assure our community that the studio is taking every precaution to secure the health of our students, teachers, and staff. We are also staying up-to-date on all local and national guidelines. Due to the loosening of state and local business restrictions as well as the decrease in the spread of the virus, we have decided to offer a few in-person classes in Spring Semester! Many classes will still be held online. Please see the procedures we will have in place for in-person training.

Covid Procedures for In-Person Participants:

Safety is the top priority for in-person training; therefore, failure to abide by the following agreements can result in being asked to leave ASOOC/the classroom, without refund or transfer. Masks and social distancing are required for the full duration of the training, even during scenework. Students are responsible for providing their own masks, but the studio will be equipped with extras, and masks must cover the full nose and mouth. The classroom will also have a no-touch policy, meaning no sharing of physical materials. In the rare circumstance that physical contact or the sharing of physical items are unavoidable, time for disinfection will be allotted. The space is large enough to accommodate social distancing for all members, and disinfectant and other cleaning supplies will be readily available. In the event that a student is sick, Covid positive, was exposed to Covid, or behaved in risky behavior, they are asked to attend remotely for that period of time till it is safe to return to the physical classroom. If students are able to get the vaccine ahead of the training, all the better; however, it is not required. Students attending in-person are encouraged to limit their exposure to other people in the 2 weeks before the training and throughout the training, so as to reduce the risk of infection or transmission. Participants will be required to sign a supplementary Liability Release agreement to release the studio of all responsibility in the event that they or someone they know contract Covid during their in-person training at the studio. Without signing, participants will not be allowed to attend in-person classes.

Hybrid Classrooms:

All In-person classes will function in a hybrid manner, which means that at any point a student can opt to join the classroom remotely. This will change and limit the way the student will participate in the classroom, but students will still get to learn and work in the class. Every in-person class will have a Zoom link assigned to it, so should a student need to miss meeting in-person, they can log in remotely and join the class. In the physical classroom, there will be a large screen where remote classmates will be viewable to the group. The teacher, using a laptop on a moving lecturn, will ensure remote participants can clearly hear and see their classmates during class.

A Little Background:

Back in Spring 2020, we decided to move all our classes online. Starting this Springs semester, and as long as the state and county guidelines permit, we plan to offer a few safe in-person classes; still, the vast majority of courses will remain online. Every class lists whether it is online or in-person.

What Is In-Person in Spring?:

Two Beginning Acting Classes, one on Monday and one on Wednesday evenings. A Tuesday Teen Acting Class, Wednesday afternoon Film Technique, Saturday morning Voice and Speech, and Saturday afternoon Film Technique. 

Online Training:
Our teachers are trained to teach using the platform, Zoom, which allows us to lead interactive, collaborative, and dynamic online classes. Students should not worry about the quality of their training during this time. We find that online training works best; we don't have to worry about masks or social distancing online! Also, all classes are currently discounted to reflect the change. We have also updated our attendance policy, which now has greater flexibility regarding excused absences due to illness. 

Film/Reel Shoots at the Studio:

Film shoots will be closed, which means only actors performing and the teacher and filming assistant will be in the studio at a time, so that those acting can be unmasked. All scenes will be scheduled throughout the classtime accordingly to ensure the fewest number of people present for the filming of a scene possible. All students will be required to submit a negative Covid test 1-2 days before filming unmasked, whether they are vaccinated or not. Those participating in film shoots and desiring to film unmasked must also submit proof of completed vaccines. If they are unable to do so, they will be required to sign an agreement to do a modified quarantine 10 days before the shoot. Modified quarantine means that the participant attends work, school, drops kids off at daycare, etc. but avoids all extraneous public outings and is only in-doors unmasked with those they are living with. This is necessary in order to ensure the safety of our students while filming unmasked. Students unable to adhere to these requirements will have to film their scenes masked.

Where are we now located?

We have moved down the hall from our old studio space to Suite G! Full address below. This new home offers us a big open space, so actors can socially distance and mask before we reach herd immunity.


Students and community are welcome to check back here where we can update the status of our classes. And we will also be updating that information on the individual courses.