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Student actors share their thoughts and feelings about ASoOC

Rochalle Racine Headshot.jpeg

Rochalle Racine

What has really impressed me though was the seamless transition to zoom when the pandemic hit. We transitioned without missing a beat. If anything, now I am more ready than ever for the new landscape that will come about due to this worldwide issue.

Bruce Gale Headshot.jpg

Bruce Gale

This acting studio is a gem in Orange County. The Seven Pillars approach provides a solid foundation for bringing a character to life in a way that's authentic and truthful.

Melodi Gulsen Headshot.jpg

Melodi Gulsen

Studying acting at ASoOC has been absolutely life-changing for me! Sonya's 7 Pillars Method' gives me all the tools I could possibly need to craft my characters!


Khai Thach.jpg

Khai Thach

The teachers are amazing and give great individual feedback. The other students are supportive of each other and it's a safe, engaging learning environment.

Ryan Shyng.jpg

Ryan Shyng

ASoOC is the epitome of professional AND fun acting class. Take advantage of everything ASoOC has to offer, because there is a whole lot of high-quality bang for your buck!

Svitlana Radulovich.jpg

Svitlana Radulovich

I appreciate the honesty and safe environment at the school. They want you to grow and they will help you.


Victor Adame Headshot.jpg

Victor Adame

ASoOC is a phenomenal place to study for both new and experienced actors. There are classes for everything; you can learn the basics of how to act while also learning how to break into the industry. I highly recommend it.

Vinnie Horst Headshot.jpg

Vinnie Horst

ASoOC’s “7 Pillars” method is more than some ideas on paper: my ASoOC teachers are active actors themselves, using the same skills they teach me in their own work - on stage, on set, and in the real world.

David Greene.jpg

David Greene

The classes at ASoOC have undoubtedly expanded my acting capabilities, as well as my understanding of characters, emotions, and, more importantly, myself. Their academic approach to acting, particularly learning to live authentically from moment-to-moment, is invaluable to all who put in the work and effort to understand it.

Screen Shot 2021-03-05 at 2.41.21 PM.png

Melinda Oschmann

The teachers under the guidance of Sonya Cooke are patient & creative in helping novices to reach their greater potential. The workshops taught by Sonya are an intensive yet safe avenue for deepening the acting experience.


Jillian Tremaine.jpg

Jillian Tremaine

We all learn so much from our teachers and each other. It's a wonderfully positive and supportive environment of like-minded people all excited to learn.

James Clark.jpg

James Clark

The textbook "The Seven Pillars Of Acting" breaks down all of the components into an easy to understand and apply format.  If you want professional and high quality acting training without the hassle of driving into LA, ASOOC is the place to train.

Jim Jones Hdsht.jpg

Jim Jones

"The educational experience and training from ASoOC improved my range of skills and readiness for increasingly challenging roles. My leap in confidence and preparedness has been important.. Proof of the pudding: I just won the Best Actor award  at the April, 2022 International Film Festival in Florence, Italy for a Short film that I also wrote. [My film] No Trophies is on YouTube."

Nicole Miller.jpeg

Nicole Miller

I appreciate the honesty and safe environment at the school. They want you to grow and they will help you.


Michael Kammerer.jpg

Michael Kammerer

I've already learned so much more about both the art and business of acting and I look forward to class every week. I've also already been able to network with other actors and contacts in the industry and have had an opportunity to act in a student film. Highly recommended for anyone looking for a great acting class in Orange County!

Sammie Kahkola.jpg

Sammie Kahkola

I have been attending this studio since June 2015, and I haven't felt so confident in my life! This place welcomes you with open arms, and you really begin to feel like family. The atmosphere is most inviting, and open minded. I don't feel judged or negatively criticized, and I am always given constructive criticism that helps me become a better actor, interpreter, and public speaker.

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