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Being an international actor, with film, TV and theatre credits in Central Asia and Europe, in 2019 Victoria decided to pursue acting in United States.  


With this goal in mind, she received an MFA in  Acting degree  from Louisiana State University, where she worked on contemporary and classical roles as well as practiced various English dialects in addition to her native Russian.


Currently Victoria is based in Los Angeles, CA and is teaching Scene Study, Movement for Actors and 7 Pillars Acting at the Actor’s Studio of Orange County.


Her past projects in lead and supporting roles received over thirty international awards, including Best Ensemble, Best Lead Actress and Best Supporting Actress. In 2023 Victoria is expecting a premiere of her second feature film Your 1/2 of the Rent, as well as filming of a new SAG TV series Banished that will take place in United Kingdom. One of Victoria’s favorite theatre projects is a production of Small Mouth Sounds as she had an honor of working with an Emmy nominated director and screenwriter Leigh Fondakowski.


In addition to being an artist, Victoria has great passion for movement and sports. She has been a professional tennis player in the past, loves to snowboard and do aerial silks. She finds great pleasure in her favorite soulful activities as Improv (UCB), playing piano and writing scripts for short films.

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