Victoria received her MFA in Acting degree from Louisiana State University, where she worked on contemporary and classical roles: from Shakespeare, Oscar Wilde, Arthur Miller and Chekhov to Neil Simon and Michael Weller. In addition to her native language - Russian, during graduate program Victoria practiced such English dialects as RP (Received Pronunciation), Cockney, Brooklyn, general American, Irish Dublin, and many others.

Her recent on-screen role was in a motion picture No Exit, directed by Sarah Louise Wilson, which received 3 awards at Mammoth Lakes Film Festival. Victoria’s most challenging and inspiring theater experience was in Swine Palace production of Small Mouth Sounds directed by an Emmy nominated screenwriter Leigh Fondakowski.

Before coming to the United States, Victoria took many dramatic and comic roles in her home country – Kazakhstan, with some of which she travelled to Russia to perform at artistic festivals. During her teenage years, she had a lead in the TV show Miracles for Half an Hour on the local channel KTK. The TV show was broadcasted in Kazakhstan, Russia, Ukraine and Belarus. In 2018, Victoria won an award for Best Acting in a short film English lessons for the competition 48 Hour Film Race.

Besides constantly honing her craft, Victoria loves to teach. She is a certified teacher of Seven Pillars Acting, which she learned from the creator of the technique Sonya Cooke. Victoria is also a Russian accent coach to English speaking actors.


In addition to acting, Victoria is constantly involved in sport activities. Because of being a professional tennis player in the past, she now practices Aerial Silks and snowboarding. In her spare time, she plays piano and writes scripts for short and feature films.