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Ramy Elsood

"A James Gandolfini type who brings courtroom drama to life, all while maintaining the warm comfort of a teddy bear."

The story of Ramy’s journey from a seasoned trial attorney to an actor is a path less traveled. His early detour into the legal field surprisingly aligned with his acting aspirations, enhancing his skills in the courtroom.

He rooted his acting journey in his deep love for storytelling and cinema, an affinity that has remained with him since childhood. Running around and rehearsing scenes from The Goonies and The Breakfast Club are fond memories that inspired this love. His unique ability to memorize movie and TV show lines years after viewing them underscores his strong connection

to the art form.

Today, Ramy leverages his passion for acting, honed skills, and magnetic presence to captivate and inspire audiences. He is looking forward to landing an amazing role on the next suspenseful series like Jack Ryan or Hannah.

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