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Luca Pujol

"A Penn Badgley charm and a Shia LaBeouf intensity that will have you reconsidering your first thoughts."

 His love for cinema at a young age always inspired him to study and mirror his favorite actors and their performances with hopes of being in the same posi􀆟tion as them one day. To express his crea􀆟tive spirit, Luca would take his back scratcher and run around his room all day, playing, and living in a world he created, with imaginary people inspired by his imaginary real-life friends and family. Unfortunately for Luca, he reached the age where it was 􀆟time to put the back scratcher away and to express his crea􀆟tivity in a different way: screenwri􀆟ting and acti􀆟ng. Fast forward to today, his crea􀆟tive spirit has led him to roles in mul􀆟tiple short films as Lead and Supporti􀆟ng characters, including one feature film and a video game. 

Dramatic Scene Selection

Comedic Scene Selection

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