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LaDonna Ouedraogo
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LaDonna has recently been a Professor of Acting at Louisiana State University.  She has also specialized in teaching for the blind and deaf.  She started her teaching career as an acting coach in 2020.  She received her Bachelor’s in Performance degree from HBCU, Savannah State University, along with a Master’s in Acting degree from Louisiana State University.  When educating, her secret weapon is the ability to teach her students how to fully capture the essence of the characters that they are playing.  She does this by offering techniques that are easy to access.  Once her students have successfully acquired these techniques, they have the capability to know how to succeed in their craft while staying true to themselves.    Born in Memphis, Tennessee and raised bordering on the heart of GA, LaDonna has experience in producing work as well.  LaDonna co-executive produced a variety show, The Juke Joint, exclusively through Zoom. Following, she worked as the assistant to Art Director, Wynn Thomas, on the film, Devotion. Most recently, she played leading roles in Operating Systems and Sweat at the professional regional Equity theatre, Swine Palace.  LaDonna has a particular focus of teaching her students the importance of going through the actor’s journey of getting to know the character while being engaged in the world around them. She looks forward to teaching the craft that she loves while embarking on her continued journey in acting.

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