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Kathryn Cima

"A dramatic actor with a sharp edge; an aloof, stern, authority figure who can display warmth and kindness in the next breath."

Born and raised in San Antonio, Texas, Kathryn was surrounded by performing artists. She would wake early to the sound of her grandmother playing piano, and go to bed late many times having accompanied her mother to rehearsals and plays at the local theater owned by her mother and friends.


Kathryn has voiceover and acting training from Orange County schools, including Actor’s Studio of Orange County and South Coast Repertory, and has also trained with L.A. and Orange County theater and film directors, notably Andre Barron and Robert Gunton, among others. She has acted in professional productions and student films and is currently working on her own project based on her grandmother’s memoir. She is looking forward to bringing her sharp wit and positive energy to many more projects in the future.


Kathryn lives in Southern California with her husband and beloved pets. 

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