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Jacob Abraham

"An intense strong vulnerable South Asian actor with a deadpan humor sense. He could be your coworker, wall street guy, solution provider, tech leader type."

Jacob is a Los Angeles based actor known for his smart skills, humor and simplicity .Jacob excels in roles as calculative strong determined, deadpan humor, tech leader type, wall street guy and solution provider type of roles. He is charming with smiles, kindness, grounded personality, and sophisticated athletics.


Originally born and raised in India, Jacob moved to Los Angeles back in 2016 as permanent resident. He had done his training in India with Act lab (Kochi), Actor prepares (Mumbai) and two level of improv in Mumbai. Being a motorcycle enthusiast he has travelled through various parts of India crossing thousands of miles including the heart of Himalayas which covers the highest and second highest motorable road in the world. He has done skydiving in different parts of the world and thoroughly enjoys the edm music festivals. He has been trained in MMA and is an advanced badminton player.


To pursue deep into the craft of acting, he moved to los Angeles and have been training under different schools which includes Actors studio of orange county, Ivana Chubbuck studio, Michael Chekov studio, Stanislavski techniques, Stella Adler techniques, Uta Hagen techniques, Actors comedy studio etc. advanced and intermediate levels for acting schools. Now settled in Los Angeles, Jacob is an expert software programmer and consultant who could speak multiple languages (English, Malayalam, Hindi, Tamil).

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