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Uriel Agosto

"Uriel instills fearlessness in his work by utilizing his knowledge in
psychology and bringing to life charming yet manipulative characters."

Born and raised in Stanton, California, Uriel Agosto began his acting career

performing in theater throughout his childhood. Ever since High School, he has developed a passion for acting and reading various plays he wishes he had

written. During that time, he was able to expand his interests such as directing, writing, stage management and even filmmaking. Now looking forward, he is excited to take on the world of acting bringing his truth to characters on camera.

Filmmaking and writing has taken a hold of Uriel lately as he wrote, shot and

directed his first short film in march 2023. He is eager to create his own material and not just wait around waiting for the phone to ring. Currently he is on the way to create his own production company known as August McKay Productions with his partner Shelby Mckay so they can tell stories through appealing characters. This is a way for Uriel to master his craft as an actor by taking matters into his own hands, producing these projects and starring in them.

Uriel has trained with the Actors Studio of Orange County over the past year and a half, honing in on his craft. He is always learning, experiencing and growing with his work. He is humbled to be given the opportunity to learn and be around so many great talents who share the same mindset as him.

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