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Monica Roseberry 

 Monica Roseberry is set to star in a new short, "Circle of Concern"


Shannon O'Hara recently starred in a Chapman film! 

Rochalle Racine has booked FOUR new films, three leads and one supporting role!

Monica Roseberry is set to star in a new short, "Circle of Concern"

Noah Ayden Khan will be in starring as a lead in his first Chapman film, "Demon Summoning 101".

Corey Hegel will be in Geneva this summer doing an intensive with Juilliard! 

Pamela Paek booked another industrial! 

Megan Gainey booked a co-star on an Oxygen series! 

David Jenkins booked a co-star on "The Rookie" with Nathan Fillion! 

Jame E. Clark  has been cast as Judge Brody Fitzwater in the feature film Ties That Bind.

Jaime Adler just completed filming the role of Anastasia's sister, Olga, in the new film Anastasia opposite Superman's Brenden Routh! 

Erick McAllister recently booked a commercial for UFC. 

Sofi Dossi is an alum of America's Got Talent and continues to book exciting work!  

Erick McAllister recently filmed commercial spots that will air during the 2018 NFL Draft!  

Rebecca Dalton Israel recently booked a short film titled Stale Cake. 

Ryan Tran recently booked a Principal Industrial Role Spot for social media company, Simply Social.

Chloe Gebelin just recently did our Teen Showcase and signed with Media Artists Group and Management Montage!


Chloe Schiller, who performed in last fall's Teen Showcase, signed with Dreamray Talent and Management Montage. So proud! 

Former private Session student, Justin Chon, is receiving wide success on his new film, Gook!

Former Student, Phil Solis, has booked an on-going gig as a Dean Martin impersonator. 

Beginning student Ryan Witte just booked a commercial for a new automotive app. They will be flying him out for the shoot in Phoenix, AZ! Super excited about this opportunity!

Intermediate Student, Henny Guerra has recently signed with two agencies, Mix Models and Prestigious, for Commercial, Print, and Fit representation. 


Ryan Tran, Intermediate student, will play Kevin, a lead in an upcoming Chapman Thesis titles "Perseverance." He is also playing Casey, a lead, in Pasadena City College's film "Smokey."


Advanced student, Khai Thach went to Utah for a week to shoot an episode for a series that will run on BYUtv starting next year. The series portrays stories that are told in the Book of Mormon. We are excited for him!

Robert Slaskiintermediate student, just signed with Avant Artists for across-the-board representation!


Nova Jones will be starring as Eva in the short film, "Open Mic Night." 


Ryan Tran was cast in "Eventually Learned," a web series for Youtube RED.


Amariah Garza has signed with DreamRay Talent and Modeling Agency.


Caitlin Jung signed with Rascals Talent Agency and Management Montage. Caitlin participated in the Spring Teen Agent Showcase. We are so proud of her! 


Charles Campuzano has been cast in a feature film called the Tragedy of Jimmy Jimmy Kates.


Bobby Slaski is currently filming a short film right now for a thesis project at New York Film Academy called "Through My Eyes" and will be starting another project called "The Rise of Aria"

Honyin Chiu was nominated for best actress in 'Inner Secret' at the WIND International Film Festival!

Anna Steiner booked the online educational video gig produced by Gates Education! This paid opportunity came through the studio; we sent it out to our students, Anna and her family applied, and she booked it! Congrats to Anna!! 

Stefan Marchand has booked a co-star in Ryan Murphy produced FX show, Feud.

Monday Student, Mariano Mendoza just booked a role on Better Call Saul. Congratulations!


Our student, Jewels Brettin, has been cast in the pilot episode of Potstop, produced by Scott Seegmiller. Great work!


Beginning Acting Student Ty Hack has been cast in UC Irvine's Coriolanus after his very first audition!


Intermediate Student Tiffany Lambert recently worked on a short and received a message from the assistant director saying, "You have received great early reviews! You stole the movie! Great work!" Congrats, Tiffany! 

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