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Danielle Reynolds

The practice of Acting has been a constant in Danielle's life through the twists and turns of the last twenty years. She started in the world of classical music and opera, touring Europe two times and playing such roles as Rosina in The Barber of Seville and Anne Egerman in A Little Night Music. Her study of opera was the beginning of a deep understanding of breath work, enriched by the study of yoga and meditation in travel to India. She moved to LA to get her MFA in Acting from USC, where she had the privilege of studying under master Linklater vocal  teacher Natsuko Ohama, as well as gain an in-depth knowledge of physical acting techniques under Andy Robinson, David Warshofsky, and David Bridel. She believes that the study of human behavior, particularly one's own, is a practice that deeply benefits every person regardless of their profession, and has found her acting training applicable in everything she's pursued. Today, she writes, produces, and performs theatre with USC MFA alumni company ÉLAN Ensemble and does the same on camera with a broad community of amazing artists in LA. She is represented by Kepler Entertainment. 

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