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Shannon O'Hara

"Not your typical girl next door. She has a fiery edge undertone, so don’t be fooled by that innocent demeanor.
Think, sweet psycho."

Born in Cocoa Beach Florida but raised in Vienna Virginia, Shannon knew from a young age that being in California and following her dreams was where she needed to be.
Living in a home with her mother, grandparents, sister and brother, Shannon took her cat Monkey and skedaddled to California by herself, leaving everything she knew behind to embark on a journey that you are witnessing today.


Shannon found the Actor’s Studio of Orange County in 2019. From there, Shannon has taken classes all from the beginning of 7 Pillars theory to Intermediate and now Advanced. Shannon wasn’t new to taking acting classes and had taken many as well as theatre from middle to high school, community theaters, doing IFTA (Institute For The Arts) for a summer, and a little bit of community college for acting and film at NOVA. Shannon has now starred in many dodge student films, a little VoiceOver acting and continues to audition for more.

Shannon has also been a vegan for over 9 years and loves to talk about it. Aren’t all vegans like that? Annoying? She’s a huge animal lover and you might see her outside feeding the neighborhood mice and pests but that’s only cause she’s insane. Not really, (maybe a little, but all the best people are.)

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