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Nicole Risley

"The girl next door to the woman in the house across the street from the woman in the window."

Nicole is a hardworking actress known for her genuine smile and bubbly demeanor as well as her sassy wit. Nicole excels in roles as a strong-willed, wine-drinking woman as well as the girl next door with a great taste in music. She is an obsessive bookworm, and has an undying love for Star Wars - get ready for your goofy Jedi, Lucasfilm.


She has a penchant for music with classical training in violin and piano along with singing and self-teaching string instruments, has decades of experience playing tennis, regularly practices yoga, and has a party trick out of left field with the uncanny ability to speak backwards. A Long Beach native, Nicole has trained primarily at the Actors Studio of Orange County, as well as taken supplementary classes at The Groundlings for improv. Her credits span film and voiceover as well as training in both classic and modern works.

Nicole Risley | (562) 455-9920 |

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