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Miko aaron khan
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Miko Aaron Khan is a working film and theatre actress based in New York. Miko began her career in performing arts as a dancer training in ballet and modern dance throughout her youth and later in New York City she danced at the Dance Theater of Harlem. She continued to explore dance and theater at Barnard College, Columbia University, where she graduated with her Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology. Next she danced in Tokyo, Japan with the Awa Odori fusion dance group Takarabune. After traveling through southeast Asia and exploring several indigenous dance and theatrical forms, she attended the Bristol Old Vic Theatre School, in Bristol, England where she earned her MFA in acting. Back in New York City she works as an actor, as well as regionally across the US and in LA. Now that we have moved online, Miko is able to teach with us for the time being. 


Her favorite roles that she has played of all time are Lady Macbeth and multiple improvised roles in a year-long run of the Harry Potter fan-0ction improv show The Heirs of Hogwarts: An Improvised Adventure. She loves the art of acting and deep psychological exploration of character and she continues to explore psychology and acting, pedagogy, dance and singing. Miko loves the creative and artistic expression of the human condition and devotes herself to this life-long exploration as a professional, a teacher, and a student. Miko is also the owner/designer of Eease Design a Web and UX design company through which she loves to design and explore her love of visual and digital art and web development. Check out her actor page

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