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    Cora Wilson

    "A bubbly, lovable, OC girl mom with a flair for romance and drama"

    Cora Wilson is a hard working new actress ready to make her debut in the commercial and television world. She has gained experience in the field by playing minor roles in films created by students at Chapman University. She has played such roles as a mother, Stepford Wife and a flirtatious photographer. Many of these films have received recognition in festivals throughout the state. In June of 2021, she had the opportunity to play the lead role as a mother in a senior short film final project.


    Cora is an Orange County native and grew up in Irvine, CA. Being an only child, she discovered that she loved singing and reciting lines to popular television shows. You could always find her in her bedroom reading aloud or creating her own stories and dialogue with her tape recorder. At age 4, Cora joined the dance world, which quickly became her passion for 12 years. Through dance, she discovered that she loved the stage and became involved with theater all through middle school and high school. 


    Cora attended Cal State Fullerton and received a Bachelor’s Degree in Sociology. She then went back to obtain her teaching credential and Masters Degree in Cross Cultural Education. Cora has taught in elementary schools as a substitute teacher for 19 years and is currently working as an instructional assistant.


    Wilson is a mother to three daughters and currently studies at the Actor’s Studio of Orange County. Her love of romantic themes as well as developing a flair for comedy has allowed Cora to strengthen her skills as an actor.

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